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In 1988, after a period of experimental commercial radio, a law was passed in Norway permitting local radio stations. None of them featured jazz music.

I had been in Norway since 1984 and knew several people involved with local stations in Oslo. I approached Radio Oslo and they agreed to air an hour-long show which I called ‘Jazz Scene’. It proved to be popular and this inspired me to approach stations all over Norway.
The response was immense. I managed to secure a sponsor who paid for a professional cassette copying machine. In 1992, my then 8-year old son Jonathan and I started copying the cassettes and mailing them on a weekly basis to what eventually grew to be 60 radio stations.

Fortunately in 1995, the Radio 1 organisation, who distributed news to many stations in Norway by satellite, agreed to broadcast Jazz Scene - twice a week.

In 1995 the show could be heard nationally on public broadcaster NRK Radio. The show also ran on Radio Maximum in Moscow and on several of their sister stations in other large Russian cities.

Jazz Scene was broadcast online from 1993 – 2002, firstly as part of a virtual village called, Nettvik!

Jazz Scene is back!!! From 1st May, 2020 the show will be aired on the online, community radio station, Wirral Wave.

Every Friday at 9pm with repeats on Sundays at 3pm and Tuesdays at 10pm.

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